Marcellus Ambulance Volunteer Emergency Services was incorporated under the Village of Marcellus in 1996. The organization has since become independent, holding its first independent elections in 2004.

MAVES is made up of a combination of paid and volunteer staff consisting of 2 fulltime paramedics, 10 part-time paramedics and 32 volunteers.

The ambulances provide Marcellus with both basic and advanced life support and transportation. The Medicar provides advanced life support.

In addition to serving the Town and Village of Marcellus, MAVES provides mutual aid service to Howlett Hill, Navarino, Amber, Otisco, South Onondaga, Shepard Settlement, and Skaneateles.

Board of Directors:
President: Krissy Lanning
Vice President: Mark Francis
Secretary: Michael Garrant
Treasurer: John Calley
(1-year terms)

Social Board Member:
Jamie Plis

Recent News

Marcellus Ambulance in The Scotsman

CPR Training

     Thanks to a grant from KeyBank, Baltimore Woods Nature Center and Marcellus Ambulance Volunteer Emergency Service (MAVES) are collaborating to train the community in life-saving CPR, First Aid and Babysitter courses.